Angel Memorial Garden

Our Angel Memorial Garden acts a tribute to the life or lives that have been lost. It gives surviving people a place to remember; it is providing a resting place for remains of beloved ones and creates a serene place of solace for those who grieve. Ashes are placed or scattered right into the soil without a container so that they come to be part of the living garden.


  • Cremains have to be inserted directly into the ground (No vault, urn, or any type of container).
  • Ashes cannot be scattered on the Earth’s surface.
  • Once they’ve been interred, the ashes cannot be relocated or recovered.
  • Decorative Additions aren’t permitted EXCEPT on the day of committal.

How the Ashes are Interred

The cremains are interred right into the earth by placing the ashes directly into the soil without any container. The Pastor or anyone else approved by the Council will supervise the interment of ashes.

Who May Be Interred

To show we care about our community, anyone, whether they’re a member of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church or not, may be interred in the Angel Memorial Garden. The garden is open to anyone that wishes to inter the cremated remains of a loved one.

How Interments are Memorialized

Your loved one receives your choice of a full or half page in the Book of Life; It’s a Scrapbook and a recording of the ones we’d like to remember. It records their Full (Legal) name, Birthday/Birthplace, Death Date, and Date of Interment. 

(You may also submit a few photos if you’d like)

Cost of Interment

Suggested Fee Donation for Interment is $100.

The Fee Covers:

  • Placement of Ashes (Interment)
  • Recording in The Book of Life
  • Eternal care for life of the Garden

Garden Maintenance

The St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Council is responsible for the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the garden; any plantings or garden improvements are also decided by Council. Volunteers are always welcome to join in maintaining the gardens’ legacy as well!

How to Make Arrangements

Arrangements are to be made through the Pastor or by calling the church office. An application must be completed prior to Interment; that application is available at our church office or we can e-mail it to you personally.

Phone: 734-847-3400