Plan Your St. Paul's Lutheran Church Wedding!

Dear Bride and Groom,

You’re engaged! Congratulations. At St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church we provide a Christian setting for your marriage ceremony and ask God to bless your union as husband and wife.

As a Christian ceremony and setting, it is imperative that certain guidelines be met. Here you will find information on all aspects of the service!

Wedding Coordinator

To ensure all aspects of your special day are facilitated in a positive manner, a Wedding Coordinator is provided by the church. This person will be present at the rehearsal and at all times while the bridal party occupies the building. All information the bridal couple provides on these enclosed forms will be presented to the Wedding Coordinator to try to ensure all your wishes are met.

To achieve this goal, the following duties are essential:


Presence at wedding rehearsal to be aware of all instructions to wedding party, family, and guests.

Coordinator must be available upon arrival of bridal party as they are dressing and being photographed. Must “troubleshoot” special needs such as lighting, temperature, etc.

Remind photographer that all photos prior to wedding in the sanctuary must be completed and wedding party must vacate 45 minutes prior to designated start time of ceremony. Remind photographers of appropriate parameters required during wedding ceremony.

Light altar and any other candles 30 minutes prior to ceremony if duty is undesignated by a wedding party member.

Ensure grandparents, honored guests, and parents are seated at the appropriate time by the chosen escort.

Ensure the bridal party is ready to process at start time of ceremony. If party is not ready, advise the organist and presiding minister of approximate additional length of time required.

Following ceremony, stay to assist while photos are completed. Extinguish all candles, turn off air conditioners, lights, vacuum nave, and lock doors.

General Information

  • Guidelines

    There is a white podium in the narthex that can be used for the guestbook.


    We ask that no seeds or rice be used for the send-off.


    There is a library adjacent to the church for the female bridal party to dress. We also have a room for those men who choose to dress at the church, both rooms will be available 3 hours prior to the ceremony.


    Alcohol/Tobacco Limitations:  Alcohol/Tobacco is not permitted on the property before, during, or after rehearsal or the wedding ceremony. 

    There are NO exceptions!

  • Organ Use policy

    Before the organ can be used, the person wishing to use it must contact the present official organist of St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church and receive clearance from that person alone.


    No one else can give permission for the use of the organ, not even the pastor.

    In order to meet the organist and be introduced to the organ, a meeting needs to be set up between the organist and the person wishing to play the organ. On Sunday the organist will meet with said person between the worship services at no additional costs. If there is need to meet with the organist at another time, then a fee of $20, plus mileage, is to be reimbursed at the time of the meeting directly to the organist.

    Under no circumstances will there be any exceptions.

    The organist name and phone number can be obtained from the church office by calling the secretary Monday-Thursday between 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. at 734-847-3400.

  • Photography

    All pre-ceremony photos must be completed 45 minutes prior to ceremony. If time is exceeded, the Wedding Coordinator will politely escort the wedding party from the sanctuary.

    Please remember this ceremony is performed within the context of worship. Be respectful regarding range of shots and flashes. Pictures may be taken up to one hour after service.

Pastor Lew's Rule For A Successful Ceremony:

"The Bride is ALWAYS Right!"